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Berner Plumbing & H20 Inc., formerly Water Werks, made a name change back in late 2005. To facilitate its growing customer base in service plumbing and create a better awareness of our water purification/treatment capabilities, Berner Plumbing & H20 Inc. has positioned itself to respond to the challenges ahead.

The Three Generations
The Three Generations
100 years and still going strong! Grandfather, Louis Berner Sr. started Berner & Conroy in 1924. (Dad, Louis Berner Jr. was only 2 years old at the time!) This was one of the first plumbing ads ran in the local Pantagraph paper in Bloomington, Il.
Smoke Technique Video – to locate sewer gas leaks.
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Tools of the Trade – MBVansUSA/Facebook 2017 – Video of Berner Plumbing & H20 “How New Metris Van” helps Berner Plumbing work smarter
2015 – Engineers from Japan, here in Chicago for Plumbing Trade Show – On-Site visit for one of Berner Plumbing’s Tankless Installations
2013 Zoeller Pump Factory Tour – main headquarters Louisville, KY. Established 1939 “Every pump 100% factory-tested underwater”
Illinois Master Plumber Magazine May 2006 – Owners Son Uncovers Code Violation!

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Plumbing & Mechanical – Magazine Article – June 2005

Protecting The Public Health
By Kelly Faloon

How one plumber meshed water treatment services into his vision of the plumbing profession.
When Richard Berner attended his first Water Quality Association meeting in 2003, his intent was to learn more about water quality issues and products. What he gained from the seminars and roundtable discussions was so much more.

“I knew this was the answer to servicing customers’ needs on a much broader scale and even went to the heart of the plumbing code — the plumber is licensed to help protect the public health and safety of the water supply,” he says. “Water treatment and purification fit that bill.”

Berner’s company, Wheaton, Ill.-based Water Wërks, is a plumbing service and repair company that also provides water treatment services and equipment. A third-generation plumber, he worked in his father’s contracting business (Berner Plumbing, Heating & Electrical) in high school as well as college, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial management. He worked as a production supervisor, environmental sales representative and independent consultant before receiving his journeyman’s plumbing license in 1998.

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Water Conditioning & Purification – Magazine article – June 2005

Solutions to H2O Problems
By Nate F. Searing

Water Wërks, a fully licensed, bonded and insured plumbing service business and water dealer based in Wheaton, Ill., is paving the way as the next innovation in multi-service companies.

By providing products and services related to plumbing, water softening, drinking water purification and a “branded” bottled water, Water Wërks’ owner Richard Berner is creating the new standard for plumbers and water dealers alike. “Plumbing service businesses, water softening/purification companies and bottled water dealers have mostly split into separate and distinct groups, forcing their customers to make business alliances with sometimes inconsistent and questionable trade practices or service rates/fees, appurtenance health hazards and/or blatant plumbing code violations,” Berner writes on his company website, “That split is costing all of them customers and in turn, costing them revenues day in and day out.”

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